Ranking in the search engines is something that all businesses should be looking into. This will not only increase the amount of traffic to your website, it will also increase your credibility as users are more likely to trust high ranking businesses. If you want to be successful with your local SEO strategy, you will need to follow certain tips.
  • Optimize Your Information On Your Business Website
When it comes to online assets, your website will be the most important. The information held on your website will impact what the search engines see and what potential customers will also see. This is why you need to look at optimizing the information on the website. There are some points that you need to consider when doing this. The first is to have a domain that tells your visitors what your business does. You should also look at including your location in the URL. You should also include keywords in the page titles for your website. The keywords should include your location, your business and the services that you offer. Your NAP information which is the business name, address and phone number should be incorporated on every page of the site. Many people make the mistake of only having this information on their contact page or homepage and this could impact your rankings. If you have more than one location, you should consider including all NAP information on all pages or have a landing page for each location.
  • Build And Update Your Business Listings On Local Websites
One of the ranking factors in local SEO is citations on other websites. This is why you need to look at increasing the number of business listings you have and updating the ones you do for consistency. The NAP information on your website will need to be the same as all your business listings on local websites. If the information differs it could negatively impact your local search ranking. To build your business listings you should look at local listing websites such as Facebook, Yelp, Dexknows and Yellowbook to ensure your business is listed and you have claimed it. The NAP information will also need to match your website and be up to date. You should also look at deleting duplicate pages on the websites. When you build or update your listings, you will need to include pictures and videos of your business.  Additional information should also be included in the listing to make it more attractive to potential customers. If you have multiple locations for your business, you should look at having separate listings for each location. This will boost the visibility of your business and ensure that you rank for the different locations.
  • Have An Appropriate Link Strategy
As with general SEO, the links to your website and other related websites will be important. These links will increase the credibility and authenticity of your business. However, you need to have an appropriate strategy to get these links because leveraging unrelated links will damage your rankings over time. Part of your strategy should be to consistently share links to your website on social media platforms. You should also have a strategy to encourage others to pass the information along. Links to your website should also be included in email newsletters and other updates that you send to your customers. When creating your strategy, you need to ensure that you always know which businesses you are going to link to and whether they are authentic businesses. You should not have a strategy that uses black hat techniques such as spamming your domain in forums or blog comments. You should also be wary of services which offer to boost your SEO rankings by writing content for your blog because this could damage your visibility if not done correctly.
  • Encourage And Respond To Online Reviews
User reviews will help to increase your business visibility particularly if they are better than your competitors. Getting reviews is important, but it is also important that you respond to the reviews whether they are good or bad. When getting reviews, you need to ensure that they are always coming from outside your business and that they are somewhere that is easily seen by potential customers. To start getting reviews, you should turn to your existing customers. Asking them to leave a review for your business is the easiest way to get some reviews. Once you have done this, you should look at different ways to encourage your customers to leave feedback. Some of the methods that you can consider including sending an email after services rendered, having a flyer at your checkout or a call to action on your website. When you encourage your customers to leave reviews, you should provide them with links to a number of sites where they can do this. This will increase the diversity of your reviews and will make it easier for your customers. There are many people who have an account on one review website and would be more comfortable using this account than going to a different site. You should also be proactive in your response to all reviews. If the review is a positive one, you should take the time to thank the person for their feedback and encourage them to work with your business again. If the review is negative, you need to state that you appreciate the feedback and ask them to get in contact with you about their concerns. Addressing their problem is important and will show people looking at the reviews that you care about your customers and want to ensure that they have a good experience.
  • Engage On Social Media
Social media pages play a large role in local business visibility and you need to engage with your potential customers on social media. If you have a proactive social media strategy, the better the chances that your pages will be followed and traffic going to your website. The social media platform that you use should relate to your business and what you are offering.